We’re pretty much directing this posting at Superwoman, hoping she follows us on Facebook. Picaroons has a growing retail business and we need someone to lead that aspect of our company. We combine retail beer sales with taproom operations and special events. We would like to substantially step up our level of activity in all of those areas. We want to have the best retail stores in the Maritimes. We want our tasting rooms to be busy and active with a top-notch tourism component. We want to sell really interesting things in our stores. We want to have a ton of programmed activities and events. We want to set standards and win awards for our service. For fun, have a look at the Drake Toronto website. That’s what we’re aiming for.

We’re looking someone with retail experience that includes being loved by staff and customers, doing most of the purchasing and really leading the consumer experience. You’ll have to design the consumer experience, even. There is also a taproom aspect to our business and we need that experience to be terrific. Work experience in a licensed premise of some kind will be necessary. And then there is the back-of- the-house stuff. Inventory, cash control, scheduling, labour cost control, beverage cost control, reporting….all that. We want to have lots of fun but we also need to make a little money. You’ll have a great deal of independence but will have to work closely with and be accountable to the rest of the senior management team. You’ll have to be a terrific communicator, both internal to the company and externally to our customers. We’ll expect a lot from you. This is a head office position that will direct all current and future retail operations utilizing the management and supervision structure already in place..There are some wonderful staff on hand to help you, many of whom have been working well beyond their job descriptions. They would love to be challenged to do more. We’ll pay what we have to for the right person and you can design your own incentive program as part of that. We offer an employee benefit plan and we can talk about vacation.

Even if you’re not Superwoman, or even if don’t identify as a woman, please contact us if you’re up for this. We have shelves to stock, patios to open, a beer portfolio to build, tour programs to design and people to hire and so much more. This position is open to any and all candidates who bring some
combination of retail, food and beverage and events experience, combined with a whole lot of energy, maturity, cleanliness and conscience. We want to be exhausted from trying to keep up with you, not from efforts to motivate you. There is no restriction based on gender, physical ability, race, religion, age, style, taste in music, place of residence, who you choose to love, etc. We do sort of discriminate on choice of alcoholic beverage but that has been overcome in the past. Also, if Superwoman does apply, and the interview goes well, I’m probably going to hire her if she wants the job. Just putting that out there.

Cheers, Sean
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