SURPRISE! We have a new 1-off beer, that through the perseverance of our head brewer, was created during the flood. Working on a floating platform he quickly lashed together using pallets and empty kegs, Myles was able to save one of the beers we were working on and create something new. Using bags of Azacca Hops that were carried over to the brewery across a downed tree bridge, he was able to make a super hopped up Red Ale and yes, we are calling it “FLOOD RED”. It is NOW ON TAP at The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton and we’ll be getting on at The Picaroons General Store tomorrow, and to The Picaroons Roundhouse, The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse, and a lot of other great bars and restaurants around New Brunswick by the end of the week. OH, and we’ll even have a bunch at Paddlefest 2018 this weekend in St. Andrews by-the-Sea!!!

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