It’s that glorious time of year again. That wonderful season when all of our hop farmer friends have picked perfectly ripe hops right off the vine and got them right into our hands. Then of course we put them right into your beer. As per other years, these beers are made with 100% local grain and different local hops. To find more about your batch of Harvest Ale, see below.

BATCH 462/463:

This year we’re showcasing hops from two different New Brunswick based hop farms. We’ve used a very healthy dose of “Moose Mountain Hops”, the  proprietary hop from our friends Veronica and company at Moose Mountain Hops, and paired them up with an equally healthy dose of fresh centennial hops from a new kid on the block; Bloomfield Hop Farms. We’re very proud in fact to say we were Bloomfield Hop Farms’ very first sale; Sean himself met up with Murray Metcalfe in a parking lot in Woodstock NB to make the exchange. (No, it’s not funny looking at all putting a big bag of green leafy things into your trunk…). This batch is a bit lighter in colour than other years and we also increased the dry-hopping more to really let the hops stick out. Bottles and kegs of this batch will start shipping New Brunswick starting Monday October 2.

Stay tuned for more batches coming out of the pipe this week!

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