Union Street
Improvement Project

Improving Fredericton and the Roundhouse Experience

Better for Everyone

Beginning in early summer with a date to be determined soon, the City of Fredericton will be conducting infrastructure and traffic improvements along Union Street in front of the Picaroons Roundhouse location. At Picaroons we’re excited about this work being done as it will mean infrastructure improvements for city residents and also – through better traffic flow, additional parking and trail improvements as part of the City’s Carleton Park Plan – a better experience for those wishing to visit us at the Roundhouse.

We’ve put together this guide to help your visit during construction go as smoothly as possible, answer some questions, and make some suggestions about parking. The City of Fredericton Project page is the official source of City news and updates regarding the project. We encourage you to read more about it there.


Will the Roundhouse Parking Lot be open/accessible?

Yes. City staff have assured us the parking lot will be accessible at all times. See the detour map above.

Will this affect Roundhouse hours?

Nope! We’ll be here, 11am to 9pm, seven days a week ready to welcome you!

Where else can I park?

We’ve got a map below with some ideas of where you can park right on Fredericton’s fantastic trail system. We’ve even given you some estimated walking times! PLEASE, we love our Devon neighbors who will already be dealing with a lot during this project so please resist the urge to park on residential streets or business lots in the area. Thanks!

How else can I get to the Roundhouse?

Well, aside from being easily accessible from both sides of the Saint John River via foot or bike on the Fredericton Trail System – Fredericton Transit also has stops near the Roundhouse  check with them – to see how their service will be affected by this project. Finally you could always call a cab and be dropped wherever you’d like!

Still have questions? Let us know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll get you sorted as fast as we can.

We hope you’ll come to visit us and perhaps return for a big party to celebrate when the project is complete! Cheers!

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