It’s that special time of the year again!

That wonderful season when all of our hop farmer friends have picked perfectly ripe hops right off the vine and got them into our hands so we could brew our annual hop forward amber ale made with 100% local ingredients. (That’s right, we use local malts in this too!) We’ve brewed two batches this time around and we couldn’t be happier. See below for details.

The first batch, Batch #710/711, has just come off the bottling line and it is TASTY. The bulk of the hopping in this one is made up of Centennial hops from Bloomfield Hop Farms (Thanks Murray  Co.!) and it’s certainly giving us the lemon-citrus and floral characteristics we expect from this hop. But underneath all of this Centennial we have a collection of Chinook, Cascade, Mount Hood and Brewers Gold from our hop enthusiast friend Dave Foster here in Fredericton (Thanks Dave!). This is an easy drinking beer with lots of floral and citrus characteristics coming from the large amounts of Centennial hops used, though the addition of Dave’s hop collection is really giving this batch an extra little ‘je n’ai sais quoi‘. As to be expected, this beer is finishing nice, dry…  and bitter!

The second Harvest Ale batch, batch #714/715, is brewed with just two hops: a whole lotta Southan Farms‘ Goldings hops, (Thanks Nick  & Co.!) and a whole lotta Moose Mountain Hop Farms proprietary ‘Moose Mountain’ hop (Thanks Veronica & Co.!).  This batch is totally unique from the first Harvest Batch, especially with all of those Moose Mountain Hops, though we’ll let you know the final notes on this one as we’re not bottling it until Monday September 24.

Big HIGH5s, hugs, and CHEERS to the farmers growing these excellent local hops. Thanks so much, folks!!!

Available starting Friday September 21 at The Picaroons RoundhouseThe Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton, The Picaroons General Store in Uptown Saint John, and The 5 Kings Restaurant in St. Stephen. It will start hitting the Alcool NB Liquor shelves around the province the week of Sept 24th.

*While Supplies Last.

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