WE’RE HIRING! *ALL-IN-ONE* Accountant / CFO/ Controller


We’re now in need of an all-in-one Accountant/CFO/Controller…

Northampton Brewing Company, the brewers of Picaroons Traditional Ales, needs a full-time, in-house accountant to work from our brewery at 912 Union Street in Fredericton, NB.  We operate four breweries in New Brunswick, four retail beer stores and two taprooms.  Each location is unique. You will be responsible for just about everything with a number. You’ll have a staff of two, including yourself and a bookkeeper. And beer.

We need someone with an absolute passion for numbers, statistics, reports, productivity and control… All things the rest of us are dispassionate about. You’ll manage our income statement and balance sheet. You’ll manage the HR process and direct the writing of a new HR manual. You’ll design and implement our financial management process. You’ll analyze and guide our company. You’ll ensure we attain the financial success necessary to achieve our community support goals. You will have to brew beer at least once and you’ll have to hang out in our satellite breweries in Saint John and St. Stephen. It’s okay to drink beer while doing this.

You have an accountant designation of some sort, some experience in food and beverage cost control, knowledge of Simply Accounting (or a very good business case to change to something else), a level of technical expertise that is appropriate for 2017 and the ability to manage and lead projects.

This is a new position for us. It will require patience but it will allow for individualism and flexibility. We need a person who is inherently curious about why things are the way they are and obsessive about making things better.  But you must be willing to accept that no amount of logical financial argument will compromise our beer in any way.

You will be underpaid at first but able to address that as part of a balanced score card process that you will design for the entire brewery. In addition to managing the financial goals of the company, you can design the position to include your own personal goals and interests. It should be a part of your own personal life plan.   Hours of work are flexible but I hope I have to tell you to work less, not more. Your office will not have a door but does have a window and you’re free to work from anywhere in the building, really. We offer a standard employee benefit package, a bit of vacation and beer.

I would like to have the position filled by April 1st, 2017 but can be flexible.

Note: If you do not yet like beer, we can offer training in that aspect of the job.  If you cannot imagine ever liking beer, no matter what, I can accept that, but please be prepared to be made fun of by the rest of us.  Unless you only drink coolers.  That would be intolerable.

Interested? Contact me directly at beerguy@picaroons.ca


Sean Dunbar

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