The Fathers of Fermentation! A Unique, Canadian Brewing Collaboration


We’re excited and honoured to be a part of (another) REALLY cool Canada 150 collaboration project with some other breweries in Canada that we have a very special kinship with. That kinship being that we produce beer using traditional open fermentation and direct fire Peter Austin brewing systems. Along with Granite Brewery in Nova Scotia, Golden Lion Brewery in Quebec, Granite Brewery in Toronto, Ashton Brew Pub and Clock Tower Breweries in Ottawa, and Four Mile Brewing Co in BC, we will brew a coast to coast collaboration ale to celebrate Canada 150 and we all mash in this Friday.


“””All of above breweries are located in the original provincial signatories of the BNA Act (British North American Act), which formed Canada in 1867, with the exception of BC (1871). As a patriotic re-enactment of this historical event, this group of brewing friends shall henceforth be known as the “Fathers of Fermentation”, and will rededicate the BNA Act 2017 (Better-ales for North America) by brewing a period ale taking us back 150 years. This will be a limited release of traditional ale, Sir John’s Special Eh-le, by the Fathers of Fermentation, leading up to the 150th year of Canada in 2017.

The New National Dream will commence On June 16th, at Granite Brewery, Halifax, and Fredericton on the East Coast, continue across Upper and Lower Canada city by city, time zone by time zone and finish with a flourish in Victoria’s Four Mile brewing Co. on the West Coast. The ale will be delicately aged for release on July 1, 2017.

This Canadian ale will be traditionally brewed in the (late) Peter Austen design direct fired brick kettle, naturally fermented in open fermenters using the same ingredients, same methodology brewery to brewery and Peter’s favorite Ringwood yeast with its centuries old Yorkshire roots. Alan Pugsley of Pugsley Brewing International, good friend and former partner of the late Peter Austen will develop the recipe. Alan was responsible for the design and set up of every participating brewery for the Fathers of Fermentation. He and Peter have designed and set up more than a 100 breweries world wide.”””

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