Want some Picaroons support for your event, group, or cause?

Here at Picaroons we love to cozy up to all sorts of events, causes, community happenings, arts and culture groups, and even some sports teams, BUT that being said we are already busy supporting all kinds of events, causes, community happenings, arts & culture groups, and even some sports teams. Not to mention brewing lots of beer on top of all of that. In order to help facilitate us helping your cause please read the list of guidelines.

  1. Anything within 30 days will be automatically declined. As we had mentioned: WE ARE REALLY BUSY.
  2. Do you have a date for your event? Check out our events page – do we already have things planned on that day? If so, then chances are we won’t be able provide much help. Again:  WE ARE REALLY BUSY.
  3. Do you have a plan for your event? We love to add value and partake in events, though we can’t organize them for you…
  4. Anything in support of youth or health related causes will be automatically declined. Those are great causes of course, but we are still an ALCOHOLIC beverage provider. It’s just a little taboo as far as we are concerned…
  5. We do not directly support or sponsor individual athletes, musicians or bands.
  6. We want to be involved and hand-on at events. Our “Beer” needs to be present. If you are pitching some simple logo placement chances are we will pass. We like to be a feature presentation, more so than a preview or sideshow. We’d rather be THE BEER sponsor than under Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  7. Picaroons is a certified BENEFIT-CORPORATION and have had to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency to be so. You’ll score extra points by at least thinking along these lines too.
  8. Location: As much as we’d love to travel to exotic places all over the world, our beer is sold in the three Atlantic Canadian Provinces, as well as just a few other pop-ups in other places in Canada. Unless your event or happenings occur in these areas we’ll have to decline.
  9. Beer Donations to your super cool party and all of your super cool friends?! OR Beer donations for your pristine one of a kind business “opportunity” or conference!? Well sorry, No. It’s not that easy to just give away beer with our New Brunswick legislation, and these are the kinds scenarios where we’d hope people would support us.
  10. What types of events and groups to we generally support? We’re heavily invested into local arts & culture, local heritage, agricultural and environmental causes, fun culinary happenings, and just some really cool stuff that we can’t say no to! If your event or happening is along those lines that will help.
*There will always be exceptions to every rule.
  • Sell us on your cause! How do you see Picaroons being involved? Include website/link.