MERRY CHRISTMOOSE, HOP-HEADS! Today we’re releasing our 22nd batch of PIVOT Imperial IPA and it is VERY special. Why is it so special?? Well because it has been brewed with glorious amounts of a truly New Brunswick hop from the beautiful Upper Saint John River Valley: Moose Mountain Hops proprietary MOOSE MOUNTAIN HOP! How do we know this is a truly NB hop? Well our farmer friend Veronica Paul, after taking possession of an unfinished house in September 2010, discovered a feral hop that was growing out of a rock pile and wound up two adjacent trees – an immense plant 40′ wide and 25′ high, full of delicious smelling, healthy, happy hops. She promptly made an offer on the farmland across the street from this house, which would eventually become the Moose Mountain hop-yard. She spent 3 years studying, planning and propagating hops from cuttings of that very first inspirational plant which is now known as Moose Mountain Hops. The business of growing hops began with the first poles going in the ground in 2013 and then the first harvest was in 2015. Since then Veronica has been producing nine other varieties of hops and has started processing her own pellets on site. She’s let us know how excited she is to see what the future will bring and is looking forward to expanding production while maintaining her strong commitment to producing high quality hops. 
We love this hop, we love this story, and we love what it added to our Harvest Ales so much this year that we decided to showcase it in our newest PIVOT Imperial IPA. We used all Moose Mountain Hop in the kettle as well as a tiny dash of Denali in our perc just for fun. The result is a big English IPA with sweet aromas, some peachy and floral notes, and an assertive bitterness that’s all wrapped up with a crisp and dry finish. You need to try it for yourself and let us know what you think though. It’s now available at The Picaroons Roundhouse and The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton, then it will make it to the Picaroons General Store in Uptown Saint John tomorrow, and THEN it will get to The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse in St. Stephen as well as most Alcool NB Liquor locations by Friday. Now everyone give a huge, hoppy, CHEERS to Veronica Paul and Moose Mountain Hops! #GetFreshWITHaLOCAL

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