The grain remains the same, though the hops will often change

PIVOT Imperial IPA

At the centre of this Imperial IPA is a solid foundation of Canadian 2-row barley with a dash of Canadian Toasted Wheat. Around this foundation we will pivot the hops from batch to batch as we experiment and play with different hop varieties.


Find your batch number on side of the bottle.


Hopped with Warrior, Azacca, and Hallertau Blanc, this batch of PIVOT marks our first foray into designing a beer around hops. We kept the grain bill simple and really tried to see what these hops could do with our bold Ringwood yeast. We chose hops with character – hops we don’t typically use in our other beers – hops that, in our minds, could come together and create a hybrid West-coast-meets-East-coast Imperial IPA while still keeping our core English yeast a part of the picture. We’ve never used any of these hops before. Brewed April 25, finished May 4. Fruity and floral. Expect notes of melon, pineapple, bubblegum, and white grapes. Still goes great with donairs.


We took what we learned from our first Pivot – and dialed it in a little bit more. We omitted the Hallertau Blanc hops this time, and chose to focus more on the tropical nature of Azacca and the piney-ness of Warrior. We increased our dry-hop addition to bring out even more hop aroma. Brewed May 9, finished May 17. Tropical and resiny. Huge pineapple notes, along with passionfruit, mango and pine. We haven’t checked yet, but we’re pretty sure it pairs really well with donairs.


This might be our juiciest PIVOT yet! Relying heavily on Mosaic and Equinox hops this time around, while still utilizing some Warrior and Azacca, PIVOT #3 features really complex fruity characteristics over it's simple pale malt bill. A little drier and more hoppily aggressive than the first two Pivots, Pivot #3 has rotated to a spot where we're really liking it. Drink this beer fresh! *DETAILED SPECS: OG: 1.072 FG: 1.011 (8% Alc.Vol.) 2-Row Barley, Toasted Wheat Mosaic, Equinox (Warrior for Bittering; Warrior + Azacca in perc) Ringwood Yeast Water


In this fresh batch we've decided to showcase our old friends CITRA and SIMCOE, as well as a little sprinkling of AZACCA leaf in the Hop Perc. There's some really nice citrus and pine aromas coming off this one. A little tropical smelling too - a sort of pineapple and mango aroma. It's drinking crisp and citrusy, all the while being nice and bitter and having a slight dry finish. Perhaps the cleanest tasting PIVOT of the bunch so far. Get it while you can - Stay Tuned for #5!


Pivot #5 is our fifth iteration of the Pivot brand, this time focusing on Pekko and El Dorado hops. Decidedly less tropical and fruity than some previous Pivots, expect some more complex herbal and floral aromas from the Pekko hops, coupled with lighter citrus, pear, and pineapple notes from both El Dorado and Mandarina Bavaria, all backed up by a moderate bready malt base and fruitiness from our signature Ringwood yeast.


Well, we can barely keep up with you thirsty Pivot-heads! In Pivot #6 we've experimented more with Warrior hops like in Pivot #1, though this time around we used a helluva lot more! Like A LOT more. AND we paired it up with absurd amounts of Mosaic hops, one of the hops we used in Pivot #3. The result is some tropical and candy like aromas, on top of a slight citrus fruitiness and an assertive amount of piney resin flavours. All wrapped up with a moderate bitterness and slightly dry finish. These beers seem to evolve as they age, they are certainly meant to be drank fresh of course, though right now these are what we are picking up right off the bottling line. You'll have to taste for yourself to really get the gist....


PIVOT #7 is an extra special PIVOT. A PIVOT that's been brewed mainly with Equinox hops to celebrate tomorrow's FALL EQUINOX! (That's right, tomorrow is the first day of fall!) As Equinox heavy as this batch is though, we still put a dash of cascade in the kettle AND then dry-hopped this batch with a whole plethora of weird hops; Azacca, Lemondrop, Calypso, Ella, Experimental 7270, and of course a lot more EQUINOX! The bitterness is a lot more assertive with this batch, though is balanced out with some nice sweet and fruity citrus notes along with a little piney-ness. PIVOT #7 will start getting shipped throughout the province tomorrow, Friday September 22, the first day of FALL. It will also start hitting the taps at The Picaroons Roundhouse, The Brewtique, The Picaroons General Store, and The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse in St. Stephen tomorrow too. Happy Fall!


In this new batch of Pivot we're showcasing a lot of Sorachi Ace - a lot of LOCAL Sorachi Ace from our pals at Moose Mountain Hop farms - plus a nice dosing of Warrior in the hop perc and then an even nicer dosing of Azacca to dry-hop with. This batch is notably more bitter than some other batches, as well as dry. It has a nice little floral taste however the Azacca and Warrior are still dominating with a great citrus and tropical fruit facet on top of everything else. This batch also came out extra bright and clear. In a world where hazy (and delicious) New England style IPA's are on the rise, it's sort of nice to see such a hop forward ale be so crisp and clear. Until next time, hop heads! ENJOY FRESH!


We've been able to play with a brand new (to us) hop in Pivot #9 - ZYTHOS! Another hop thrown into that ol' "tropical" category and it certainly is that - and then some. We've paired it up with a tiny dash of some home grown Moose Mountain Hops and the result is a very drinkable IPA with lots of the expected Pineapple notes along with a good helping of piney-ness too. There's some really nice grassy earthy-ness and bitterness in this one too that ties nicely into the malt character of this beer and keeps it grounded and drinkable. As per every batch, get it while you can.... ;)


THE XMAS TREE IPA!!!! OMG!!! A crazy little elf snuck into the brewhouse a couple of weeks ago and brewed our tenth PIVOT - and hopped it with REAL XMAS TREES!!! That's right, PIVOT-X has outrageous amounts of real NB spruce tips added to the boil, along with generous amounts of Amarillo and Sorachi Ace hops. This is an extremely limited batch and most of the beer is in specially labelled bottles.


It's January ELEVENTH and coincidentally our ELEVENTH batch of PIVOT has just arrived! This time around we steered away from the tropical train and leaned more on the citrusy and herbal end of things. Hopped with Lemondrop, Zeus, and Warrior, this version certainly has some herbal earthiness as well as lots of spice-y peppery notes from the Zeus hops that's all blanketed by the lemony citrus and fruity notes from the Lemondrop and Warrior. YUM. Stand by - This batch will start hitting the taps and shelves ASAP! as soon as we can start shipping it.


WOW - These PIVOTS are coming out at an alarming rate. We can barely keep up. We just released PIVOT 11 two weeks ago though we're all out already. So PIVOT12 is here and it is SOLID! It's got quite a bite though is very balanced. It was brewed with just two hops: our old trusty friend Cascade, and (a lot of) CALIENTE! There's definitely some grapefruit and citrus on the nose though the bitterness takes hold immediately after you sink into your first taste. That bitterness quickly steps aside and makes room for some sweet citrus and almost peachy flavours that all get blanketed by a fairly assertive floral character. It sort of tastes like spring tbh... If only...