It’s surprise beer time!
We’ve just brewed a 3000L batch of *LITTLE HONEY*. This is a one-off brew in honour of next week’s Maritime Honey Festival. (Our friends at Pollen Angels started buzzing around us last month just bEgGiNg us to make a beer with Sunset U-Pick‘s honey, and so here we are!) LITTLE HONEY is an approachable 4.5% alc./vol full-bodied brown-ISH ale, that was brewed with a generous amount of rye malt and well, a ‘little honey’. 😉 It’s has a really nice lingering sweetness backed up by some nice toasted, almost graham cracker-ish, notes. (Yah that’s right. We just turned “graham cracker” into an adjective.) It is NOW ON TAP at The Picaroons Roundhouse, it will be tapped later today at The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton, and then get to The Picaroons General Store in Uptown Saint John and The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse tomorrow. IT WILL ALSO BE ON TAP at the Maritime Honey Festival’s ‘Bee-R Garden’ next Saturday Sept 23!!!

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