BIG NEWS NEW BRUNSWICK BEER DRINKERS AND FLOOD VICTIMS: Introducing FLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!!! This limited edition IPA, celebrating NB’s resilience during the great flood of 2018, is what we like to call a “Fredericton Strong Ale”. Ringing in at 7% ABV, this one-off is a tad citrus-y from some orange peel additions as well as little fruity from our signature Ringwood yeast. It’s a little hazy and is all wrapped up with a nice crisp and bitter finish. It’s on sale now at The Picaroons Roundhouse and The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton, and will be flowing out to thePicaroons General Store in Uptown Saint John,The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse, and to Alcool NB Liquor locations throughout the rest of the province starting today. It should be just about everywhere by the weekend. We’d like to also chime in once again with a giant THANK YOU and infinite hugs too this beautiful community and to everyone who helped us our during the flood and helping us recover. We love you all. Now, GO HAVE A BEER.#WhileSuppliesLast

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